Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleep evades me.

At least I was already up for Lucas' usual nightly awakening. This is his 3rd night (and day) without his pacifier and he is still doing well. The first night without it, I never woke once to him crying. I do recall hearing him stir a time or two, but he went back to sleep quickly.
As I was in the process of changing my computer's start up options, he woke and I went to him. Tried to calm him but he wasn't having it. Changed his diaper, gave him a drink of water, turned Scout's bedtime music on, then handed Pooh to him and he snuggled him up. The cuteness factor here is ridiculous. He wraps his arms around Pooh, clasps his hands together and holds on. Just amazing to watch how he grows and learns, still remembering the days when he didn't have any control over those little hands. Such and awesome little dude, he is. :)

Today marks a big day for this family. We go before a judge for Brian to legally adopt Lucas as his son. He has been a Kiser since the day we married anyway, now it's just paperwork. Maybe the excitement of this is part of my insomnia. :)

Night time seems to be the only time where my thoughts have time to process. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night and woke up feeling rested. Years, I'm sure. Still haven't quite mastered shutting everything down, try as I might. I have a couple appointments coming this week for the dentist, one next for a physical. Maybe doc will have some ideas on the sleep issue. I am more nervous about the dentist. It's been entirely too long since my last visit. I had always gone twice every year, since I can remember. Then life happened and I just kept putting it off. Stupid. We'll see what happens I guess.

Let's try this sleep thing again, shall we?


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