Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Area fires making life miserable for everyone.

This has been a running theme for the area most of the summer. Nasty, humid heat and wild fires causing most of Hinesville and surrounding areas to be covered in smoke days on end. This has definitely been a miserable summer for me. When we first moved in November, I was excited to be here! Weather was nice up until probably March-April. After that, the terribly muggy heat came and hasn't gone away. Lucas and I are stuck inside most days. Occasionally, he'll have the chance to play outside early morning or late evening. We finally went to the pool on post the other day (although I am NOT a fan of public pools) to get outside and be able to cool off. I'm just hoping the Army makes sure theirs are well maintained, but I have my doubts. Especially since my face is breaking out like I'm 14 again. Definitely hit and miss whether we can go out and about because of these fires. The smoke gives me an instant headache, not to mention I don't want either of us breathing it in! I just hope Hinesville's fire department can get a handle on this at some point. I feel bad for my husband and his fellow Soldiers because they have to be out in this mess every day, whether it be working in the motorpool, formation and even PT every morning. There's no way I could do it!

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