Thursday, July 28, 2011

Battalion Fun Day

Army fun days. Mandatory for Soldiers, optional for their family members. Since being at Fort Stewart, there have been three, Lucas and I have gone to two. It's a chance for families to get together and mingle. I have to be honest, I don't do much mingling, simply because my eyes are always on Lucas. I know he is in a safe environment and if I can't get to him, another parent will...but I am sure my fellow mom's can agree-I am not comfortable relying on other people to watch my child just so I can chit-chat. I probably need to break loose a little and branch out, but I'm having a hard time doing so. So far, I have yet to make any real connections with fellow Army Wives/Mothers. Maybe they all feel the same way I do? Who knows.
Anyway, it's still fun to watch kiddo run around, play and interact with the other kids. There was one little girl there that decided to push him down a mound of mulch, but Brian and I both let out a hollar for that one! She didn't mess with him again. Her older brother, or so I assume, was good with him and even told her "he's on our team", but she wasn't having any of it. Some kids.
I did meet most of the guys in Brian's company, although I couldn't tell you names for anything. Nice to see who he works along side of every day.

Sitting in an LMTC truck. (used to transport troops, cargo, etc.)

 He loves to drive :)

 Sitting in a HMEE, being shown how to control the levers. (Think beefy tractor with A/C!)

The mulch hill.

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