Thursday, July 28, 2011

The land of free samples.

Yes, there ARE things in life that are FREE. They may come in smaller packages, but they're free. In the land of couponing, it's better to not be brand-specific. Meaning, if you've always purchased Tide and you have coupons for All, that would make purchasing each bottle for $1, you would want to do it, right? Laundry detergent is just one example. 

I LOVE coffee. I'm not hard core and don't drink it black, I do have to have a little sweetener in it, but I love it none the less. So when I saw a freebie for Barista Prima Coffeehouse on, I jumped all over it and received it in the mail today!
Cute little packaging, huh? 
Now, when I signed up for this freebie, it suggested (in a strong way) to use it in a Keurig brewer. I do not have a Keurig, nor do I want to spend the $80 it takes to purchase a single-cup brewing station. So, it is freshly brewed in my trusty old 12 cup Coffee-Mate coffee maker! Each of these 4 cups is maybe 2-3 oz, packed full and are meant to make one cup. Now, I love my coffee (clearly) but not SUPER strong. Since I am the only coffee drinker in the house, I usually brew 4-6 cups at a time. I'm going to brew this stuff as I would my regular 8 O'clock coffee. Which means each little cup will make at least 2 pots for me! I am excited. I am also on my 2nd cup of the Columbia (which is why the one cup is missing from the photo). It is really great coffee and not as expensive as I'd imagined it would be. I am impressed not only with the coffee, but the generous amount of the sample! 

So, now I am off to enjoy the rest of it and get dinner in the works. :)

To purchase, head to (Keep in mind, just me drinking coffee, 2 small brewed pots per cup).

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