Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visiting home...and completing sewing projects!

My son and I made the 7 hour trek up to Bristol last week to hang out with family and friends for a while. I am blessed beyond measure, in the fact that Lucas has always done REALLY well traveling. Plane or car, he has been a trooper. It really stinks being so far away from them and not having the ability to visit as often as I would like. We had a great visit with everyone and we also made it up to Papaw's cabin for a day visit, which Lucas LOVED. I'm upset my husband hasn't had the chance to go there yet, but he will eventually!!
myself and Lucas on the best. swing. ever.

Henry and his little buddy :)

If you don't know our story, I'll quickly re-cap. Brian and I married in August, 2010 (our anniversary is Wednesday!! :) ) on his two week R&R leave from deployment, after which, he had to go back to Iraq for a little over 3 months. Sad, yes? So, once he landed back overseas, I started preparations to find a home in Georgia to have ready when he returned. Lucas and I did quite a few 7 hour treks (one way, mind you) between TN and GA in the process. Thankfully, we found a place and with the help of my wonderful In-Laws and Brian's amazing college friends, we were able to get his stuff moved from New York, my things moved from Tennessee,  ALL down to Georgia just a few weeks before Brian was scheduled to be state-side. I was thrilled!
So...getting back to the point of trooper Lucas...he has seriously been a blessing during any sort of travel. He was under a year old when the previous was taking place, but now that he is almost 2, he tends to get bored much more quickly, so I was more than a little worried about how this trip would go.  Brian just happens to have a portable DVD player that SAVED the day! He still had a few crabby moments, but between the movie, food/juice and sleeping, we had a fantastic drive.
Watching Ratatouille!

Now, on to the sewing part! Lucas and I were in Walmart about a month ago and I got the big idea to make a pillow for him after he saw one of the Pillow Pet things and got excited. So we went back to fabric, I found Cars and Thomas the Train and let him pick out which one he wanted. Thomas the Train, it is. :)
Now, once I got home and actually realized how big a project this is without having a machine, it got put on the back-burner until the TN trip. My mom has the sewing machine that I unfortunately do not have. Yet. So, here we go! My mom also had a couple extra pillow cases that I had years ago, which had Velcro on one side in-seam and had the brilliant idea of switching them from one of those to the one I was making. Thanks Mom! :)

Adding the Velcro
 While I was at it, I took two 1/2 yards of fabric and made a couple heating/cooling bags. I used rice in one of mine, but you can use cherry pits, lentils, or buckwheat. I may try one of the others, because the rice is pretty heavy. I originally wanted to make ties to attach to each long end, that way we could tie it around our waste, chest, shoulders, where ever. My friend, Jheri, has one, made with cherry pits and has the ties and it was a LIFESAVER when I gave birth to my son and began breast feeding! I walked around the house with that thing tied on my chest for over a week! Before our next child comes along, I WILL have one with ties.

Sewing up my husbands hot/cold pack.

All 3 completed projects.

I seriously feel very domesticated and awesome. I will feel even MORE awesome once I have my own machine and can sew to my little hearts content! I do have a few other projects to share with you, but I will save that for tomorrow.



  1. :) Love it! I have some Cars material (the sheet from the bedding in Gabe's room) and I need to make something out of it! I was thinking maybe a valance. We'll see. :) Love your blog!

  2. Thank you! His room is so cute!!!


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