Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy. Busy. Life

So, I have been MIA for a while. My sewing machine has been covered and put away for a couple weeks now, and I HATE that. I've started the new job with a different company and am now getting full-time hours...which is good for our income. Bad for my creativity. My week of training was a 6am-2pm schedule, but now it seems, I'll be working afternoon/evening shifts. Yuck.

Brian will be going on leave after this week, too, so it will really stink not being able to spend time with he and Lucas.

I really need to get started on Christmas gifts. I haven't completed (or even started ANY gifts, other than my MIL's.) Speaking of MIL...she is visiting next week. I have A LOT to do to get this house in order. Our office/guest room/military supply closet is packed full of craziness. Papers to be filed, Army stuff all over the bed and floor, and a phone wire strung across the room because our phone has been out for weeks now. (I have NO problem stating that I highly dislike our cable/internet/phone provider. Guess I shouldn't mention any names since this is public and all. I do know that most of my friends and acquaintances feel the same!)

We have our tree and decorations up, inside and out. I love how a husband and a son have made this time of year so much more special for me!

We also celebrated our son's 2nd Birthday this past weekend. Hard to believe he has grown so much. I made a Thomas the Train sheet cake (from scratch, mind you!). That task took me ALL day. There will be an update on that later on.

I also have some other news to share, but that will also come in the next few weeks!

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