Tuesday, December 27, 2011


That is what I feel like I have become. Slow movements. Slow thinking. Slow everything. Standing on my feet at work for 8 hours drains every ounce of energy I can possibly muster up. Nausea all day, almost every day. The past week or so especially, has been hell. Maybe now that Christmas is over, people won't be so mean. The reason why I hate that makes people act stupid.

Aside from my crabbiness, we did have a good holiday. Luke Duke loaded up on goodies. Mom got a Wii. Dad got things for tool organization and a rotisserie for the grill. (Which he used to cook the ham on Sunday!)

We're also in the process of possibly buying a vehicle. My clunker Acura has just about gone as far as it's willing to take us. Now, I get to worry over another car payment and insurance. Payment isn't so is ridiculous. It's an '07 Jeep Liberty. But it is an SUV. Compared to the (maybe) $200 every 6 months for liability on the Acura, I'm pretty sure anything it going to seem outrageous to me. But $800 a year?! Sheesh. I've always made monthly payments for my auto insurance. My husband pays twice a year. And is so proud of all his discounts. We'll see what happens when that $400 is due.

I am not kidding when I say I've been crabby. I could seriously scream at the world right now. (Not to mention the terrible hair cut Luke Duke received today, buy someone OTHER than me.)
I try not to let things stress me out, but my body knows otherwise and it is seriously feeling the repercussions right now.

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