Friday, October 5, 2012

Let me tell ya 'bout my best friend...

The person I have known for almost 16 years.
The person that knows me inside and out, every little detail. 

The first person I call when I need to vent. 
The person that can pretty much finish my thoughts.

The person that never questions me, only listens and offers advice.
She allows me to truly be ME, in every way, shape and form;
Serious, funny, sad, upset, angry, silly, tired and spastic.

She never makes me feel anything other than happy.

She and I have gone extremely long periods without talking but have always found each other again...
and have been able to pick up right where we left off. 

We go through withdrawals if we can't speak on the phone for a week.

We have matching tattoos.

If I hadn't married my husband, I would have married her. 
And, she and I agree, that if (god forbid) anything ever happen with our spouses, that we're just going to marry each other and live happily ever after.

She is Jheri. 
And she is one of the few loves of my life. 

If I could wish one thing for every person in the world, I would wish them to have a best friend and relationship like ours. 

I met Jheri in 7th grade, after my family moved and I was forced to leave behind the only friends I had ever known for my short-lived life. I still remember the exact outfit she was wearing when I first noticed her in Mrs. Lemon's English class. Love at first sight, if you will. :)

She and most of the kids she knew had already formed close relationships and had been in school together every year up to this point. I was the rather shy, awkward newcomer, with big goofy tinted glasses and gold braces on my teeth. My once tomboy tough demeanor changed to emotional and backward very quickly.
But, she was one of the first people to say hello and at least make me feel somewhat welcomed. She, as well as a few other people that I still quietly thank, befriended me and took me in.

Fast forward a few years to high school

To a whole new outlook on life. 
To growing up a little and not being quite so goofy looking and awkward.
To more new friends and not as much drama from old ones. 
To the first time experiencing the loss of a friend in a car accident.
To football games and bonfires.
To smoking weed for the first time and realizing I didn't want to try anything else.
To passing the driver's exam and becoming a licensed driver.
To parties, older boys, and a whole different type of drama.
To maturing just enough to enter the "real world" and not getting completely squashed first thing.

We've had our ups and downs. She and I can talk for hours and we always end up laughing. She never asks "why?". She knows how to cheer me up or just listen when I need to bitch. She is always sending a card, just to let me know she is thinking of me. Who doesn't love handwritten snail mail?! The only problem with us, is she lives too far away.

I have children and though our adventures would be much different now, we would still hop in the car and take them. Or sit and laugh for hours. Or be in the kitchen cooking and baking. Or just hang out and not even have to say or do anything. 

Because she is my best friend.

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