Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Postpartum woes.

It's been 3 months since giving birth to my second child. 3 months of finally being able to move around and stand without constant pain in my lower stomach. 3 months of hoping that one day, what I thought was gestational diabetes wouldn't actually be Type I and would go away. 5 months since having to begin insulin shots every day. 

I returned to work part-time about 3 weeks ago and multiple customers felt the need to comment on my size and how "that baby sure put the weight on you". Gee, thanks. I hadn't realized that every time I try to put on a pre-pregnancy piece of clothing that I still can't fit into. 

I finally went out to purchase a pair of jeans that actually fit and don't squeeze the mushy muffin top up further or pinch my much larger thighs. My days of low-cut jeans are over.

I just want to get back to the old me, in more ways than one. This one just happens to be my waistline.

Jockey and Rachel Zoe teamed up to make a nice selection of shapewear, Major Must Haves! that I would LOVE to own, . Something to calm all this mushy mess down! I always see different shapewear products in stores, but nothing I have even tried on is COMFORTABLE. I have to lug around two kids anywhere I go. Why do I want to be pulling and tugging at my own clothes and undergarments all day as well?? If I can't win them, I will buy them. Eventually.

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