Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hiding out.

The Olympics have been on all week. I haven't had any interest in the Olympics since I was very young. I haven't had to suffer through watching much, until today. Oh, and while we were out at a restaurant Friday, my husband was engrossed in watching the women's volleyball tournament. That's what a 10 months pregnant woman wants to see. Lovely ladies half naked, running, jumping and playing a sport. I've barely managed to bend over to shave my legs every few days for the last 4 months. Call me crabby.

So, here I am. Sitting on our bed, without the sheets on, (since they are in the wash) resting my very swollen feet and NOT watching or listening to the TV.

Tuesday will mark my 40th week of pregnancy. The last ultrasound put Little Miss at 8lbs 13oz, give or take a pound for margin of error. Holy. Crap. I never received the confirmation call for induction last week so I hope that comes on Monday. This girl needs to come OUT. I can barely move. I can barely breathe. I'm still stuck doing all the normal house work duties because, let's face it, who else will?? It is extremely hard for me to just sit around and do nothing and watch the house become a disaster. It is also hard to, even after almost two years, have to ask to get certain things done. Things that have been done on a daily/weekly basis for a long time.

"If you want it done right, do it yourself".

Words to live by.

Then I can't get upset for things not being done the way I would do them. Just makes life easier tolerable.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


It has been a long 9.5 months.

We're anxiously awaiting Leah Breanne's arrival, and hoping labor will begin on it's own. She seems to be awful comfy in there. With my having diabetes, it's put a lot of strain on my body, so my doctors recommended inducing at 39 weeks. Well, here we are at 39 weeks and I decided against induction...for now. We did go ahead and schedule it for next week, just to give her a little more time to decide to come out on her own, but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.
My wardrobe consists of my husbands t-shirts and basketball shorts. If I have to go out in public, I usually layer up a couple Forever 21 tanks (that are super comfy, by the way, and perfect to actually cover a 9 month belly!)

38 weeks

Knowing that this is probably going to be our last week as a family of 3 is somewhat bittersweet. I still have tons of emotions about Lucas being an older brother and having two kiddos to care for. I'm anxious about how he is going to react to her, especially when he isn't the one getting ALL of my attention any longer. He usually doesn't pay much mind to other babies he sees out, other than simply saying "baby!".

Whether Leah does decide to come on her own or we follow through with the induction, we have wonderful friends that will watch Lucas for us. They and their sweet daughters have been SUCH a huge help the past few weeks with doctors appointments, since Lucas isn't allowed in there with us.
It's tough being so far away from my family. When you find another good, down-to-earth military family that meshes well with your own, you take care of each other! They then become an extention of your family. And they love spending time with Lucas!

I made a quick little 'Big Brother' tote for him to have at the hospital or when he first meets his little sister. Filled with some goodies, just to make sure he feels special and included.

Lastly, this being his final week as a only child, I want to make sure to spend that extra time with him and have fun. My feet hurt, are twice their normal size and I get tired very easily, but I'm going to try my best to just laugh, dance, play and soak up our time together.

Morning sillies :)

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