Saturday, March 26, 2011

First trip to the beach this year!

Brian was able to leave work early on Thursday, thanks to the Army's implementation of "family time" we decided to take off to Tybee and enjoy some sunshine! It took us a couple hours to get there, so by the time we got everything packed and loaded up, it was getting late and not a lot of daylight left, but I snapped away as much as I could while still playing and enjoying our time with Lucas.
I took our Sony video/camera and Brian's Nikon point-and-shoot. I normally play with the settings on the Nikon and try different shots that way, however, I didn't this time and wish I had. I tried and stuck with the 'beach/sunset' setting and while some of the photos did turn our really well, some were fuzzy and it still just doesn't click like a SLR would. AND while I don't have photoshop, free photo editing programs allow me to tweak them enough to print them out and hang them on my walls :)

Lucas has been SO unbelievably attached to me lately...and it is only getting worse. I can't leave a room, or even step out of the car for 5 seconds before he is crying. It's so strange. So, he has his first trip to daycare on Monday for a couple hours. And I have NO appointments and NO errands to run! I may just grab one of our camera's and find a park or something around here. Or just sit in my quiet house and wonder what the crap I am going to do for two hours! Ha! See what happens...
That's it for now. A few other beach photos to share...


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bird watching

 My goal over the next couple months, is to find employment. It is going to be difficult because unless I find something that is going to pay more than the cost of daycare for Lucas, it will be pointless. I have got to do something though. So many things I need and WANT to do.

Wants-camera, Mac. To get the photography passion rolling. I do what I can with my point-and-shoot and light photo editing. Better than nothing I guess, right?  

Here are the latest:

My boys, Harley and Lucas :)
Mommy can always make him giggle!

"See the bird, mom?"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiser makes three!

It is official ladies and germs...Lucas is now officially "Kiser"!!!! He's been a Kiser from day one...this is all just paperwork.

Instant bonding love from the day they met :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sleep evades me.

At least I was already up for Lucas' usual nightly awakening. This is his 3rd night (and day) without his pacifier and he is still doing well. The first night without it, I never woke once to him crying. I do recall hearing him stir a time or two, but he went back to sleep quickly.
As I was in the process of changing my computer's start up options, he woke and I went to him. Tried to calm him but he wasn't having it. Changed his diaper, gave him a drink of water, turned Scout's bedtime music on, then handed Pooh to him and he snuggled him up. The cuteness factor here is ridiculous. He wraps his arms around Pooh, clasps his hands together and holds on. Just amazing to watch how he grows and learns, still remembering the days when he didn't have any control over those little hands. Such and awesome little dude, he is. :)

Today marks a big day for this family. We go before a judge for Brian to legally adopt Lucas as his son. He has been a Kiser since the day we married anyway, now it's just paperwork. Maybe the excitement of this is part of my insomnia. :)

Night time seems to be the only time where my thoughts have time to process. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night and woke up feeling rested. Years, I'm sure. Still haven't quite mastered shutting everything down, try as I might. I have a couple appointments coming this week for the dentist, one next for a physical. Maybe doc will have some ideas on the sleep issue. I am more nervous about the dentist. It's been entirely too long since my last visit. I had always gone twice every year, since I can remember. Then life happened and I just kept putting it off. Stupid. We'll see what happens I guess.

Let's try this sleep thing again, shall we?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

New beginnings

So...I just deleted my old blog, which was ''. I finally just got ticked off and tired of having to use my old email to sign in for everything, so I just deleted the google account completely.

So here we are.

New life, new beginning. I spend my days (and nights) as a mother and wife. I take LOTS of photos. The black and white course I took in high school opened up an obsession for me. Finding beauty in the world and freezing it in time. While I don't have the financial means at this time to take this beyond simple point-and-shoot exploration, I will be working towards the goal of setting myself up with a good SLR camera, equipment and computer. This specific journey may be a long one, but so be it.

I spend my time on the computer researching, browsing, exploring all different types of photography. I love seeing different people's inspirations. They, in turn, inspire me. Everyone sees beauty differently, everyone interprets beauty differently. It's absolutely fascinating :)
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