Sunday, March 13, 2011

New beginnings

So...I just deleted my old blog, which was ''. I finally just got ticked off and tired of having to use my old email to sign in for everything, so I just deleted the google account completely.

So here we are.

New life, new beginning. I spend my days (and nights) as a mother and wife. I take LOTS of photos. The black and white course I took in high school opened up an obsession for me. Finding beauty in the world and freezing it in time. While I don't have the financial means at this time to take this beyond simple point-and-shoot exploration, I will be working towards the goal of setting myself up with a good SLR camera, equipment and computer. This specific journey may be a long one, but so be it.

I spend my time on the computer researching, browsing, exploring all different types of photography. I love seeing different people's inspirations. They, in turn, inspire me. Everyone sees beauty differently, everyone interprets beauty differently. It's absolutely fascinating :)

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