Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bringing my creativity back!

.Since being introduced to Pinterest, I have done nothing but drool and long to be able to do most of the DIY projects and crafts I've seen on there. So many amazing ideas out there! Unfortunately, I am NOT naturally creative. I can't just think of cute craft and/or decorative ideas. I can however, get inspiration from others and try certain projects my own way. Anything worth doing takes time and effort and it has been SO unbelievably nice to bury myself in completing these little projects. I would love nothing more than to continue getting better and being able to decorate for friends, sell items and what-have-you. So, I loaded up kiddo and headed to Wal-mart. The closest craft store is well around 45 minutes away, other-wise, I would have been there!!

I started out small, only spending about $30 for everything. Not sure what I was getting myself into, so I didn't want to go too crazy! I purchased the candle holders, twine, raffia (LOVE this stuff), felt, and a hot glue gun. I thought I was finished, but as we were walking to check-out, kiddo spotted a Cars Pillow-Pet thing and went nuts. $17 for a tiny pillow?? No. So off we go back to the crafts department! Add in a yard of Thomas the Train fabric (which, he picked out himself!) and a small sewing kit. (I have started the pillow and didn't realize what I was getting myself into. That's a job for a machine, which I do not own!)

  I'll start with the candles. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. How simple!! I originally got the idea from They have TONS of DIY ideas for low-cost, beautiful decorations. My kinda deal.

Raffia makes everything better!
Next, we have the wreath. THIS was what I was totally excited for. Again, Pinterest is wonderful. I saw something similar, with cute little felt flowers and HAD to try it. We (had) tons of vines in the back yard, until my husband broke bad on them a few months ago. There were still enough hanging around that I could reach over the fence, so I pulled away. Asked mom for some advice, watched a few youtube videos and voila! Homemade wreath! Of course, I had a little helper :)

I then found some tutorials on how to make those neat little felt flowers, which are also amazingly simple and easy.

Aaaaand...the finished project!

This has been one of the most trying weeks, personally. But doing these amazing projects has really allowed me to open up and want to DO something. Don't get me wrong, I love my son and my husband, but I miss having ME. In becoming a mother, I lost myself somewhere along the way. My entire world was (and still is!) wrapped up in one tiny human being and going through the emotions and changes, Took. Me. Over. Then, becoming an Army wife in the middle of all that and moving out of state, away from family and friends has been even more difficult. Losing a friendship after my son's birth was probably the worst. But, people move in different directions sometimes, right?
I am learning how to be myself again, a little every day. I am thankful to have a great husband who, no matter how much we annoy each other, still tries his best to support me in every way. I love he and Lucas both more than my life <3

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