Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Miss Homemaker

So, I finally got a sewing machine! I am beyond excited. I finally have one of my two ultimate wish-list items (the other being a d-slr).

I've finished a few projects. Started with an easy tote pattern, then made an awesome re-usable cover for my swiffer. The last project was a business card holder based off of a pattern from The Crafty Cupboard, which you can find here, and I adore it. Once I got through my first one, it was really easy! ;)

Being that this is my first time really sewing, other than the pillow and couple hot/cold packs (which were simply rectangles) I did okay. It was more learning how things would look working with the fabric right sides facing and imagining the outcome. Once I got to the place where I could turn it inside-out, voila! Couple little missed spots to fill, but other than that, it turned out really well. Works perfectly for business cards, credit cards, folded up cash. I made this one for a friend, and the picture above is with it full of her cards and such.

I definitely recommend! :)


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