Sunday, December 18, 2011

2nd time around is tough.

As in, my second pregnancy is pretty rough on me. Zero energy, extremely sleepy, and constant nausea. The smell (or sight. Or thought, even) of certain foods makes my stomach turn.

The store I work in has a small deli, that sells pizza's, wings, etc., and my days there are long and sickening. Between the smells of the food, customers' cologne/perfume, cleaners and such, I have to make many trips outside to get some air.

While I have still been fortunate enough to not have to hug the toilet, the constant queasiness really does wipe me out.

Add in to all this, a nasty head cold.

We have not been to the doctor yet. We did actually go to an appointment last week, however, the nurse would not let my husband join me for whatever class the Army thinks that I need, so I flipped out and we left. She was very rude from the second she called our name (pronouncing it wrong, btw. How people manage to say "Kisser" for "Kiser", I'll never know. Even a college education can't correct that one, apparently.)

So, I filled out paperwork to be able to receive my medical care off post, but I am not sure that it will be approved. They usually only do that when a clinic is full (which was the reason my husband couldn't join me, there wasn't enough room. Hell-O?? I can't get knocked up on my own, people. How are you not going to consider the father being with the mother, ESPECIALLY since he is NOT deployed??)

I was infuriated. My poor husband could only look at me and say "What ever you want to do, Hunny." Bless him for picking his battles.
I refuse to go through any part of this process without him. He is here, WANTS to be here, and has every right to do so in my book.

So frustrating. I know I need to choose my words carefully on this, but seriously. Why does everything have to be SO difficult??

Anyway, if my claim does get denied, I will be forced to remain a patient on-post. We'll see what happens this week, I guess.

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