Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner Plans.

I hate having to come up with something new and exciting to cook for dinner EVERY day. It is tough to do for me. I am not naturally creative, so I am constantly googling pork chop, tilapia and beef recipes, among what ever else type of meat I think of and we have on hand. Tonight, it's gonna be meatloaf. Because I love it. It's been entirely too long since I made it.
So... in the process of mommy-hood, starting an online career advancement program, taking care of our home as well as *still* seeking outside employment, I wanted to try and figure out a way to make dinner planning easy for me (and the grocery shopping to go with it). I have tried the couponing thing and failed miserably.
We'll see what happens with this! Feel free to try it for yourself and family as well!

*Note: I originally made this in word, using the regular paper size (8.5x11) then used PowerPoint to shrink it to 8x10. So if you use the google document available below (by clicking on the photo) it will print on 8.5x11!


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