Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

I use clorox/lysol wipes ALL the time. With Little Mister running amok daily and spill-proof sippy cups not doing their job properly, there tends to be finger prints and stickiness all over. Yuck.
While I love name-brand wipes, we go through them so much they just get I tried my hand at making my own. I think they will work out fine; although, with the next batch, I will definitely try a better, stronger brand of towels.
This is very easy and doesn't take long...cutting and folding the paper towels took the longest at about 7-10 minutes (with pauses in between to kick toys away from my feet).

You will need:
White vinegar
Upcycled wipe container
Paper towels
Lemon or juice concentrate-to make it smell nice
Bowl to mix ingredients
Love the cute Huggies containers!

Take 20 regular sized sheets of paper towels and cut in half. (I will probably go with the select-a-size next time around). I folded each sheet into thirds, like an accordion so I could place the bottom flap from one into the top flap of the previous one, like regular baby wipes come, so pulling out one wipe would in turn pull up the next for ease of use. Because I am lazy and I hate having to stick my fingers in the hole to grab one wipe.

accordion fold

Once you have all 40 pieces together, place them in the wipe container.

 I mixed 2 cups of water with a few teaspoons of my lemon infused vinegar/water combo (more on that later) then another teaspoon of plain white vinegar. Also, squeezed the juice from one lemon slice, just because I like the smell so much.

Pour onto wipes. I only ended up using 1 cup of my mixture.

My son decided loading the dishwasher was a good idea. Yes, he is missing his pants. Yes, he also has sandals on. It's still really hot in Georgia! ;)

Let them soak for a few minutes so all the towels absorb the liquid.

I made sure to add a label to the top, just in case it gets left in the restroom. Ha!

 Aaaaand, done! I have also seen other sites that say to cut the whole roll of paper towels in half, take the center cardboard out and put them in a container with a hole cut in the lid, then simply pull from the center. I didn't have any containers around that I wanted to cut on, so I did it this way.
Perfect for every day quick clean-ups!


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