Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love...for a lifetime. And making it work.

Brian and I celebrated our one year Anniversary, yesterday. Amazing how time flies! I truly feel I have married the right person for me.

 He and I are so different, but have so much love for each other. Neither one of us has ever been in a relationship, where we ACTUALLY felt everything we should feel for the other person. Love, respect, honor,...all the things that make up a true partnership and family. 
Our son used to LOVE to have his picture taken. Not so much, these days. Grr.

Parenting 101: Be silly!

My whole world.

My husband LOVES lunchables. It's almost ridiculous. Thus, our anniversary dinner. True love, folks! ;)

Marriage is hard, at its best. It takes BOTH people WANTING to work together and make it good. Communication is KEY. If you can't talk to each other, in some way, whether it be face-to-face, in a letter, or even through text message/email; you. Have. Nothing.

The biggest things I have discovered in the past year: 

1. Living with someone is difficult, no matter how well you think you know them.
Two people are NOT going to agree on everything, be it household chores, dinner selections and/or parenting. Sometimes, ESPECIALLY parenting.You HAVE to work together, here. There are going to be disagreements, arguments and tisks. If something bothers you, tell them. But don't be a punk about it.

2. Make time for each other.
Daily life is hard enough, working, raising kids, running a home. Don't let everything else get in the way of you and your partners bond, including your child/children. Focusing attention on your child is great, your child needs you. However, focusing ALL of that attention on your child takes away from your spouse, which is only going to cause problems later. If nothing else, have a Date Day. Find a sitter/friend/relative to watch the kid, go see a movie, go out to eat, relax at home, what ever you can afford to do. If you blow off time alone with your partner, then you probably shouldn't be with that person. 

3. Compliment.
Make it a point to tell your spouse something nice, that has to do with them as a person. The smallest kind words and/or gesture can leave a lasting mark on someones heart. Same goes for criticism. Mean/hateful/curse words DO hurt. 

4. Laugh!
You are in a lifetime partnership, with one person, every day, for the rest of your life. If you can't laugh with each other, what are you doing?! 

5. Listen.
Don't just pretend to listen to your spouse when they are talking to you, sharing things with you, or just plain old babbling. I babble. A lot. And my husband is no where near a babbler, unless he is slightly lit or super tired, like after a 24 hour staff duty shift. It's quite comical for me and I LOVE it when he babbles about anything and everything :)
However, we certainly have our moments when we tune each other out, sometimes not even realizing it. Make it a point to repeat back what you heard and let them know that you care enough to hear what they have to say!

I could probably go on and on, but who am I to be giving advice? I'm simply a happily married, mother of one, who lives day to day and is learning to love EVERY moment of it, good and bad. My family is my WORLD and I only want to better myself as a wife and mother, maybe even be an inspiration to you when you read this and see that someone else goes through the same woes in life...and is continuously learning new ways of tackling all that comes her way!

I believe I am done with my session for now. Feel free to share your thoughts, emotions, reality. I would like to hear what you have to say! 


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